Quick update on the Living Lab…  As I mentioned in a prior post the Living Lab “Health Service” will be a functioning as an ambulatory/outpatient clinic and will provide direct patient care services.  The state of New York requires a physician to establish a professional service corporation (or PC) to deliver care in an ambulatory or outpatient setting.

I’m happy to report that the New York State Department of State Division of Corporations and the State Education Department have officially approved the incorporation of the “Plugin Medical Professional Corporation”, which means that I’m officially able to operate the “Health Service.” I need to do some additional work around malpractice and a few other things, but that stuff should be ready to go on a very short timeline.

You may be asking, why did I call it the “Plugin Medical Professional Corporation”? The idea behind this professional services corporation is that it can be “plugged into” the Living Lab framework and can support the activities of the “Innovation Workshop”.  In addition, the professional corporation can also be “plugged into” other digital health enterprises that require a functioning and licensed clinic environment.

More to come.