My buddy and fellow physician-entrepreneur, Steve Merahn, nails the issue of health care talent acquisition and management in a new blog post.

Money quote in my view:

“It is well established that species cannot evolve without diversity in their gene pool. If healthcare is to advance and thrive in the coming millennium, there will be a need to reconsider the entire process of recruiting and evaluating leadership talent.”

My comment:

“Steve – You nailed it and I agree. To put it plainly, just because you’re a great clinician and researcher doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a great leader and manager. In most health delivery settings, however, particularly in academic medical centers, the only way to climb to a leadership position is to be a physician who has progressed through the traditional clinician/researcher path, which screens out many, many other capable potential leaders. To make things worse most of these physician leaders have no formal management or leadership training, and even less perspective on how things work in other industries. To build on your analogy I would say that as the health care system continues its rapid evolution, health delivery organizations need to quickly increase their skills and experience diversity in order to survive. Otherwise, I think you’re going to see a lot of big, name-brand provider organizations going belly-up because they couldn’t adapt. No hospital or health system is “too big to fail”.”