I’m Jean-Luc Neptune (my friends call me “JL”) and I’m a physician, technologist and entrepreneur based in New York City. I started this blog to allow me to catalog health industry developments I’m seeing in my day-to-day work.

What I Do Now

I’m currently Executive Director at Blueprint Health, where I head up the Accelerator Program.   Blueprint Health helps health care entrepreneurs launch and grow sustainable businesses. We provide hands-on support and curated introductions to customers, investors, and the largest health care mentor network in the world.  Named one of the top 10 most innovative companies in health care, Blueprint has launched over 77 companies – 86% are in operation and 85% of those are generating revenue.

What I Did Before

Prior to Blueprint Health I was Senior Vice President at Health 2.0. In my role I was General Manager for the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, an innovation competition program that has awarded more than $6mm to hundreds of early stage digital health startups.  In my role I was responsible for building Health 2.0’s Innovation Community, a network of developers, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and other individuals interested in driving innovation in the health industry.

Prior to Health 2.0 I was co-founder of ExpertConsensus, a specialized health advisory firm offering patients second opinions from medical experts as well as other personalized health services.  Before co-founding ExpertConsensus I was co-founder of Healogica Inc. a technology company based in New York that connected patients and clinical trial opportunities through a web-enabled clinical trials matching platform (Healogica’s technology assets were acquired by the Michael J. Fox Foundation). Before founding Healogica I was at Gerson Lehrman Group, the pioneer in the expert network space, where I managed GLG’s global network of over 250,000 members.

I’m a licensed physician in the state of New York, passed my boards in Internal Medicine, and I have an MBA from Wharton (where I was co-organizer of the 7th Annual New Ventures In Health Care Conference).  Finally, I’m an angel investor in a number of web-based ventures and I’ve consulted for the New York Academy of Sciences.

My View

I’ve heard a lot of people say  that there has never been a better time to be an innovator in the health space and I couldn’t agree more with that thought. I think we are on the verge of a period of radical change in the health industry that will result in a fundamental shift in the way we think about and experience health care.

If you’re working at a company that’s trying to improve the health system or if you’re founding your own  company to change the health industry I want to talk to you. Please feel free to contact me at jneptune[at]blueprinthealth[dot]org – I promise I’ll write you back.

Did You Know?

  • That while a student at Wharton I worked on a year-long consulting project for a little company out of Boston called AthenaHealth and got to know co-founders Todd Park and Jonathan Bush before they were famous?
  • That as part of an entrepreneurship class in b-school I co-authored the original business plan for what would become Infiniti Medical, a leader in the veterinary medical device space now run by my former classmate Jared Finegold?
  • That I unbelievably passed up not one, but two opportunities to be an early stage employee at NYC-based success story ZocDoc (last public valuation = $700mm, $1.6 billion,) $1.8 billion?
  • That fan-favorite song “Slow Hands” by indie rock band Silkworm (founded by my freshman roommate at Columbia, Andy Cohen) is requested by yelling out “Jean-Luc!“?
  • That I was voted best sense of humor by my fellow residency colleagues?