“Hey! It’s that David Blaine Guy!”

David Blaine “Street Magic”.
Filmed in 1996.
Shown occasionally in re-runs on basic cable.
4th year medical school.
20 pounds ago.
Roosevelt Hospital.
95 degrees plus outside.
I can show you the trick if you want.

Favorite YouTube User Comments:

  • “Its nonsense… any trained doctor wouldn’t dare do that for health and safety reasons and everyone knows how bad America is with people suing each other.”
  • “This is fake, its just a little trick no magic involved. the doctor is part of the trick to. yes and the black guy at the end who is bad at reacting and david blaine is a bad sell.”
  • “Doctor didnt freak out LoL. im Sure he has seen worst…
  • “If it was fake.. you would expect the doctor to realized that when he twisted david’s arm.. dhuuu..”