Data, Design, Diabetes…Damn Good Event

Last night I attended the demo day presentations for the Data, Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge organized by our friends at Luminary Labs and sponsored by Sanofi Aventis (#DDDemoDay).  The event, held at AOL HQ downtown near the NYU campus, showcased the submissions of the 5 semi-finalists in the competition including:, HopeUnwounded, MySideKick, Chewable, and

I’ve worked at a number of event-related businesses and I must say the production was top notch.  Excellent choice of location, great crowd, excellent program, and tight presentations.  Kudos to Sara Holoubek (@sarita), Kat Karimi (@katkarimi), and the rest of the Luminary Labs team on a job well done.

3 big observations for me from the event:

  • Innovation Competitions Work – Sanofi got 100 entries and 5 really solid semi-finalists for their challenge.  It’s going to cost them ~$150k in prize bucks plus the amount paid to organize the challenge to find 2 really solid finalists (my votes are for and who are going to deliver great tools for patients taking Sanofi products.  How much would it have cost them, all in, to do something like this if they had gone through traditional procurement channels to develop these prototypes?  A lot more than what they spent for this project.  How many teams would they have been able to find using traditional channels?  Probably not many.  How long would it have taken?  Don’t ask.  Innovation competitions are a powerful tool to solve real problems, find great talent, and draw attention to an issue.

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Interview with Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator For Health IT

As a follow-up to our announcement earlier this week regarding the launch of the Investing in Innovation (i2) Initiative we’re very excited to share an interview with Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

In the interview, hosted by our very own Indu Subaiya, Farzad talks about the goals of the i2 program and about the exciting things going on in health IT more broadly.  It’s a very engaging 9 minutes and provides additional insight into the work that Health 2.0 is doing with the federal government on behalf of the American people.

We’d like to thank Farzad for his time and his relentless support for innovation in the health space.

ONC Investing in Innovation (i2) Initiative Launches Officially Today

Today Health 2.0 and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) are happy to officially launch the Investing in Innovation (i2) Initiative. The i2 initiative is a bold new program created by the ONC to spur innovation in health IT through the prizes, competitions, and community development.

We are introducing the i2 program today with the launch of two interesting challenges: 1.) the “Ensuring Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home Challenge”, and 2.) the “Reporting Device Adverse Events Challenge”. Both challenges are offering $40,000 in total prize money and the opportunity for the winner to demo at a major industry conference.

Please visit our websites to learn more about the ONC i2 program or the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge.

Everything You Need To Know About The i2 Program In Less Than 2 Minutes

Learn everything you need to know about the ONC’s Investing in Innovation (i2) Initiative in this short video filmed for the The Doctor’s Channel.

Thanks to David, Mike and the great team at Doctor’s Channel for pulling this video together so quickly. Guys, I promise to embed from your site as soon as you guys launch your revised site later this year.

Health 2.0 NYC: Kickstarter – Get Money For Your Idea

On Wednesday, August 18th I attended the Health 2.0 NYC: Kickstarter event where over 100 members of the Health 2.0 community engaged in a lively discussion (video) on fundraising for new business concepts (special thanks for NYU for hosting the meeting).  The broad range of panelists talked about the many different ways you can finance a start-up including venture capital, incubators, university funding, and prize competitions.  Below you can find my short presentation about the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge (that I also referred to as the “Innovation Challenge” – brainfreeze) as well as the presentation deck I prepared.

As someone who has been attending Health 2.0 NYC meetings since the early days of the group it’s amazing to see how the community has grown and how much interest there is in health innovation.  The meeting organizers, Alex Fair, Lynn Nezin and Lois Drapin are doing an outstanding job of leading the community as it grows.  Health 2.0 groups are popping up all over the place (Hartford, South Carolina) and there’s no question that the excitement around the health space will spawn even more new groups.

If you’re interested in forming a Health 2.0 chapter please contact me.  I’m happy to talk about how Health 2.0 can support you.

Challenge Craze Deck PPT 08.17.11

Practical Tips For Running A Challenge – CrowdSourcing Panel @ NIH

It was a pleasure to participate in this panel titled “Crowdsourcing: The Art and Science of Open Innovation” at the NIH main campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Participants included:


  • Wil Yu – Office of the National Coordinator for Heath Information Technology, HHS
  • Aman Bhandari – Office of the Chief Technology Officer, HHS
  • Robynn Sturm – Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House
  • Wilma Tilson – Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, HHS
  • Simon Schneider – OmniCompete


  • Abdul Shaikh – National Cancer Institute, NIH
  • Barbara Mittleman – Office of the Director, NIH

It was a great day and very encouraging to see a large governmental agency like the NIH focused on innovation in health care.

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge @ New York Tech Meetup

Presenting in front of a few hundred people is intimidating as hell!

Health 2.0 and i2 In The News

Although we weren’t mentioned by name in this article the i2 (Investing in Innovation) contract was awarded to Health 2.0 by the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) earlier this year and is being run by yours truly.

Nice bit of press for a landmark effort. MUCH more to come in the next few weeks and months.

Health Innovation Seen On The Street

Saw this parked on the street on Park Avenue South today. Seeing “New York House Call Physicians” in action makes it clear that the house call as a service model is coming back. Very interesting concept – I heard about a similar pediatrics-based service last year. Traditional model of centralized health provision where the patient must visit the doctor just doesn’t work for many people (the home bound elderly or busy professionals being two good examples). Love the URL — “Doctorinthefamily”. Great choice too of vehicle for the city: fits anywhere, goes anywhere — smart car, smart idea idea.

ExpertConsensus In BusinessWeek

My new company, ExpertConsensus, was covered in this week’s Bloomberg BusinessWeek!

Overall a good profile although they missed that we also offer custom research reports and medical records management for a price that’s less than the $20k minimum mentioned in the article.

Enjoy and please let me know if you have any comments – I can be reached at contact(at)expertconsensus(dot)com.